Post ZA
The world gone to hell
Everyone changed … Some, literally
The Living - becoming as dangerous as the Walkers
Survival now the new ‘lifestyle’   
You either fight or you die!  There is no alternative 

And one man who struggled internally; after losing his estranged pregnant wife… to keep the others moving forward, and a neighboring threat at bay (Governor)

Was Rick ever going to pull himself together, and be Dad again, to his teenage son and new baby… And Leader to his survival group? 
Only time would tell… 

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Embrace the smartass.

Daryl handles Carol’s obscene Cuteness ….
         … or does he?


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I find their body language really fascinating in these scenes - from how he’s walking so close behind her they’re touching in the first bit, to how he visually checks in with her in the second bit - either to check in with her that he should in fact, shake this kid’s hand, or to visually ensure that’s she’s watching him. And the bottom scenes - Daryl is following her, and as such he chooses how much physical distance to put between them once she stops. And clearly he was happy with not a whole lot. The nudging in response to her teasing is new - he’s not simply getting flustered any more, he’s participating and reciprocating - albeit in a non-verbal way.


These scenes okay.

These scenes.

Just more of the Caryl ‘tease’ that they do/do not share a Relationship.
Puh-leeze. Of course they do. It’s not Rocket Science. Only the deeply shallow fans beg the argue: “They’re just Friends!”  ”It’s strictly platonic”  Well of course they are Friends. Duh. You have to be friends before you can become lovers. And the fact is, Caryl IS a Relationship in spite not ever being public.  Many real life couples are not public. Some DO prefer their privacy. I know I don’t care for everyone knowing my business. And TWD being a hit cable show, Caryl is no different. Again - not rocket science.

And Daryl is no longer the King-sh** he used to be, at the start. Not any more. Things have definitely changed. Carol moved to the front line, and it was about darned time. There is no more “Will Daryl make his move or won’t he?”  B.S. Haters need to get over this and step aside. Carol could just as equally ‘mark her Daryl territory” or move along to another eligible man. How about that. And Daryl has always responded to Carol’s flirts or gestures because they have trust. And Carol is the only person he’s ever been physically close to. And it took only 2 seasons for this to happen! 

After any journey or road trip, Carol is the only one Daryl has ever asked for or about. In times of trouble or trial, Carol is the 1st that Daryl has either observed or checked in on, before anyone else. They are always on each other’s ‘radar’.  And Haters will never accept nor understand this. They will always see Daryl as the King-sh** warrior, and Carol as his ‘middle-aged friend’. Though they are about the same age. Sad, really. 

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Carol: Yes - you did. But I’ll ignore it. It’s obvious you’re a He. Any way, time for dinner…

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Our bad-ass Walking Dead ladies  :))))

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the walking dead + carol becoming strong

Don’t Ever Underestimate her

This woman evolved from battered housewife to Survival queen beauty. And did it awesomely

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carol peletier meme: one season → season three

D O N ’ T   U N D E R E S T I M A T E    H E R    <3

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So, this is an anon ask I received, but I couldn’t publish it in non-redacted form, because I refuse to put certain words or phrases in the tags. The redacted version of the ask is here:

If we do decide that Nicotero was indeed saying the truth when stating that [the other ship]…

Nope. Couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, myself, and several other fellow loggers have also commented on the Daryl-fascination sweep VS. Ship him-or-not wars. It’s gotten ridiculous, to the point of ad-nausea. Daryl Dixon is no longer the show’s core frontrunner sex-God, and hasn’t been since S3 - all due respect. He still delivers grave sex-appeal, yes. However, he’s no longer the main game that drew in the Fem audience early on. Things have changed.
S4 gave us Tyrese and Bob, alongside the newer guys, like Abraham.
And of course…MMB stepped up, bringing Carol front and center, from supporting character in S2, to Lead in S4…Kicking major butt in ‘The Grove’. 
So, very much TWD is not all about Daryl, and who he is going to lay first. Give it a rest already. Heck they tried “pairing” him with Beth in 4B and it bombed miserably. TWD is about Survival, friendships, and family.


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——No matter how much a jackass Merle could be, he was still cool as heck  <3

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rickyl + significant quotes 

SHANE who—-?

R O F L ….. !!!!

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