But is that Daryl going in for a kiss? her face, his arm….. Tell me I’m not seeing things here. Its not a walker kill right?

I think it could be Daryl!!! I don’t think it’s a zombie:
the LEATHER jacket is too clean and in good shape
he’s holding something in his left hand
his right arm is going around her as if for a hug
she looks pretty happy, actually
her hand is open because you can see her fingers

Sorry, I don’t think so. The gait isn’t Daryl, it looks like a walker stumble to me and even in the dark the hair looks lighter in color than Daryl’s. Carol’s face is tense, teeth gritted and her right arm is drawn back and coming forward in the same way it would for a walker kill. Her left is seemingly grabbing for his throat rather than wrapping around in an embrace. I could totally be wrong though and it would be a great surprise! ^_^

I watched the video way too many times debating, because it really wan’t clear. However in the .gif it seems way clearer that the walk is zombie-like. 
While I could still easily be convinced either way. I think most likely it is a zombie with similar greasy locks and “bad boy” dress code, but they haven’t added in the CGI to make it clear that there is face stabbing and zombie brains flying everywhere….thus the clip is rather confusing.

Could be…but regarding the gait, I think he’s running towards her.

NOPE. It’s obvious from rewatching this gif footage it is Carol preparing to impale a male zombie wearing a leather jacket (her arm is drawn back, and then she lounges her knife, as the Walker ‘attacks’)
Favorite Carol and Daryl moments (2/2)

You left out the S2 Daryl ‘rant’    : ))

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The Walking Dead gifsets
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I still cannot get over how PRETTY Carol looked in that layered pink outfit; stylish head wrap for accent  :))

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Daryl Dixon & Carol Peletier through the seasons.

Omg this post is so old

Carol only grew more and more Gorgeous with each season  <3  <3

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Would you miss me?

Of COURSE your &#8216;Mother&#8217; misses you, silly girlWe all miss our beloved Lizzie Samuels. It wasn&#8217;t your fault you were mentally illJust a damned shame there was no professional help for you, to spare your life, at the end
R.I.P.  Little Miss Lizzie   &lt;3
Damned ZA!



According to Norman, Caryl is canon!

ANY EXCUSE, lol, for he and his beloved, lovely costar to [finally] kiss onscreen ( the adorable, the disgustingly gorgeous, Lady Melissa McBride - AKA &#8216;Queen&#8217; Carol )

Daryl Dixon body appreciation

No offense here. But admiring one’s body scars from years of torture or abuse seems disrespectful. Regardless how handsome or gorgeous one may be. Best to leave Daryl/Norm’s scars alone   :)

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The Walking Dead S4 E14 - The Grove 

Have people who claim that “Carol is cold and remorseless” actually seen the show?  I think they should see this scene in particular.  I’d be interested in what they have to say.  I’d be interested in how they explain the way that Carol is acting in this scene.

'Those'  Haters are the utter morons who stoop to anything less logical and definite to keep trashing Carol. “I'm on the fence with her”  Okay—why?  They cannot answer that. They just lip-service without logic.  “I just do, okay!”  Their common retort - - Yet NOT a viable, acceptable response. It is pure laziness and blunt disrespect over a person, character or situation in which they refuse to accept without any reason  :

TPTB could shoot 2 extra Grove episodes, and the Hater results would still remain. It wasn’t rocket science to realize there was no hope for Lizzie. That situation was pure common sense. Sadly we reside in a fallen world of some who do not fully grasp that simple concept

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Under the cut, Daryl and Carol thoughts, as usual. Some stuff about the Rick/Lori/Shane thing. A bit about Glenn and Maggie. Also, Hershel suggests a mercy killing.

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I actually loved the Daryl/Carol campsite scene in Triggerfinger….

HeeHee. I actually admittedly rewatch that nuclear scene simply for its total dynamics (as addressed)  The whole “hidden romance” paradigm, simply fascinating. It’s like Rick or even Shane daring elusive Daryl, “Dude…Just admit it’s YOU who are afraid. You know ya like her. Yer attracted to her. She is a beautiful woman, for crissakes. You two are fate!”

The Walking Dead season 5

Y e a h  ~ B a b a y y y y

Our Bad Ass group is baaaaaack … and ready for more!

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